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Conception of Idea

In 2004, Dr. David Watt & Deidre Lake were contracted by the Alberta International Medical Graduate Program at the University of Calgary to observe International Medical Graduates in the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). Their objective was to develop a language proficiency scale for physician examiners to score professional communication skills and language proficiency. The Government of Alberta funded the development of MCAP Classroom and the initial pilot program.


MCAP Online

MCAP Online is an engaging online modular program for IMDs that wish to increase their medical communication skills for successful integration into a healthcare system that fosters a patient-centred care model. MCAP Online addresses the underlying cultural and language comunication issues faced by physicians in the medical setting to provide physicians with effctive communication skills for the workplace. MCAP Online Plus is a blended model and offers the MCAP Online modules, two face-to-face training days to prepare for an OSCE, and a work placement component.

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MCAP Classroom

MCAP was one of the projects selected by the University of Calgary for its research and innovation and highlighted in the publication Research in Action: Building a Great City - Changing the World;

In 2009, 70% of MCAP Graduates (346) were in the healthcare system either in practice, in residency, or working as a Clinical or Surgical Assistant;

MCAP Classroom ran from 2005 to 2011 at the University of Calgary and University of Alberta.

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Exploring Sustainability

Pathways to sustainability explored;

Worked with Research and Legal Services to continue to offer MCAP initiatives and services via Communicate2Integrate;

MCAP Online Plus for Rural Alberta initiative made possible with funding from the Government of Alberta.

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