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“Breaking bad news isn’t easy for the doctor or the patient, but being a supportive bearer of bad news is one of most important aspects of a doctor’s function.” — Dr. Robert Buckman

Module 5 Description

Module 5 explores the very difficult task of Breaking Bad News in the North American healthcare system. This module emphasizes the importance of developing strategies and techniques to communicate bad news to patients using common models used by physicians in the healthcare system. Through an exploration of situations where breaking bad news is required, this module assists in overcoming the barriers to breaking bad news to ensure that participants possess the skills and techniques to deliver bad news appropriately and in a manner that will enhance physician-patient relationships.

How will Module 5 benefit me?

  • Enhance your medical interview skills by learning to express sympathy and support
  • Examine barriers to breaking bad news
  • Become familiar with specific strategies and techniques for helping you break bad news to patients in a North American context
  • Learn to explore patient’s beliefs, reactions, and feelings in order to understand how these may impact the management plan
  • Learn how to establish roles and responsibilities for working with terminally ill patients
  • Recognize the importance of negotiating a mutually acceptable plan with the patient
  • Increase your knowledge of communicative strategies to assist you in an emotionally charged interview
  • Learn how to involve the patient and the patient’s family member(s) and develop rapport with both
  • Learn how to offer suggestions and choices rather than directives
  • Master the art of providing the correct amount and type of information

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