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“Adolescents expect and value all aspects of health care privacy. Informational privacy (or confidentiality) is most salient, but psychological, social, and physical privacy also affect adolescents’ experience of and willingness to participate in care.” — Maria T. Britto et al. 2010

Module 3 Description

Module 3 expands on participants’ knowledge of explaining treatment options and negotiating a mutual plan of action with the patient. This module explores ethical considerations, confidentiality and privacy, and patient rights in view of teenage patients. This module highlights how to build rapport, discuss sensitive topics, and improve communication with the teenage patient.

How will Module 3 benefit me?

  • Develop strategies and techniques to communicate sensitively with reticent and/or teenage patients
  • Provide information regarding sexually transmitted diseases and birth control in language that a teenage patient can understand
  • Respond to and reassure patients regarding concerns about confidentiality
  • Ask questions about a sexual history in a manner that patients understand
  • Enhance your medical interview skills in terms of: involving the patient and developing rapport, providing the correct amount and type of information, aiding the patient in accurate recall and understanding, forward planning and insuring an appropriate point of closure
  • Discuss ethical considerations, i.e. confidentiality and privacy, in view of the teenage patient
  • Explore the potential impact of one’s own attitudes or religious views towards sexually active youth
  • Discuss ethical responsibilities and options if your patient is in conflict with your ethics
  • Build background knowledge of issues facing teenagers today in Canada

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