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“Approach a patient as if there are two experts: A medical expert and someone who knows their body and life” — Loren A. Olson, M.D.

Module 2 Description

Module 2 explores how to organize a mutual plan of action with the patient and includes an in depth view at presenting treatment options, explaining treatment options and how to negotiate a mutual management plan. This module also looks at enhancing one’s awareness of non-verbal communication and how to build rapport with patients using a patient-centred care model. This module builds on the content in Module 1 and provides a deeper understanding of patient-centred care and how to best elicit information from the patient and present information to the patient for optimum results.

How will Module 2 benefit me?

  • Provide you with video examples of how to include the patient in the management plan
  • Teach you how to present treatment options in a way that the patient is able to make an informed decision
  • Develop your awareness of nonverbal communication and the importance of picking up patient cues
  • Offer techniques on how to elicit information from the patient and listen to their concerns
  • Introduce you to dealing with patients that have multiple barriers
  • Discuss how to negotiate an appropriate management plan with the patient in view of their concerns, limitations, and barriers
  • Ensure forward planning and appropriate closure
  • Build background knowledge on clinical approaches to smoking cessation
  • Teach you how to provide encouragement and support without coming across as pedantic

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