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“It’s easy to see the patient as a problem in search of a medical solution. In the patient-centred approach, the patient is a person and the diagnosis is a conversation.”

Module 1 Description

Module 1 introduces you to the concept of patient-centred care and why it is the model of choice in the North American healthcare system. This module also emphasizes the importance of taking an organized history for both practice and OSCE exam settings. Participants are introduced to the expected interview structure taught for medical interviews.

How will Module 1 benefit me?

  • Learn what patient-centred care means, what it looks like, and how to effectively communicate with patients
  • Master the skill of how to take a focused history in practice and in an OSCE
  • Learn techniques to increase your organizational skills when gathering information that save you time in a busy practice or in an OSCE
  • Develop rapport with patients and increase patient satisfaction rates
  • Learn how to communicate with patients in order to increase compliance and improve your success as a physician and your contribution to the community at large

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